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To prevent young minds from developing mental disorders and mental disease progression by providing the best care, research, population awareness and public policies. Vision Become one of the most important centres for prevention of mental disorders in the world influencing mental health policies in Brazil


EMPATHY – we care for people.
TEAMWORK – we value a diversity of opinions and synergy of actions.
COMMITMENT – we enjoy what we do and work hard to progress.
CREATIVITY – we are focused in the developing novel strategies.
INNOVATION – we believe in progress and lead by example.


Y-Mind congregates several initiatives developed at the UNIFESP (see Programas)

and expand their actions into the society. Y-Mind was developed using a very successful model of public (UNIFESP) and third sector partnerships (Foundations/NGOs) such as paediatric cancer (GRAAC) and sleep disorders (Instituto do Sono – one of the largest in the world).

The partnership promotes a fruitful synergy, which includes exchange of professionals (professors, doctors and mental health professionals), clinical assistance
(for patients from UNIFESP), developing cutting edged research, and obtaining grant and donations from the private sector.


Scale-up the ‘model of care for young people at risk for mental disorders’
Train human resources to intervene with young people
Increase rates of employment of people with mental disorders
Expand the teacher’s training program for 10 states of Brazil
New Clinical-Research Building
Influence policy makers to focus in young people mental health